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Bridget Sarah

Hi, I’m Bridget Sarah. I’m known as a full stack developer and I’ve had my business now for 4 years. I love building everything from websites to mobile apps and web applications with custom bespoke software.



I’ll be 34 this year, but my career began remarkably early when I was just 6 years old. I started working with computers at a young age and by 13, I had ventured into web design, mastering HTML, CSS, and eventually WordPress with Adobe Dream Weaver and Adobe Fireworks (Loved that software!).

Driven by a naturally curious and self-taught approach to learning, I have continually expanded my knowledge across various tech domains. If it’s tech-related, I’ve likely explored it or at least have a good understanding of it. This passion for learning led me to delve deeper into web development in 2018, focusing on both frontend (Next JS) and backend development (Django, Docker) to fully comprehend application development.

In 2021, I created my first mobile application, Audio Damage Radio. Just a few months later, I launched the Audio Force Platform, which includes two mobile apps and an additional application on Alexa. My journey is a testament to my dedication to technology and continuous learning.

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