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Audio Force Radio

Audio Force Radio Mobile App in Flutter

Building A Radio Station

Matt, a seasoned DJ with a passion for music, envisioned launching his own online streaming radio station, named Audio Force. To achieve his goal, Matt needed a robust website capable of seamless music streaming. Moreover, the platform had to accommodate multiple DJs, each requiring access to a personalised dashboard for effective message management.

Design & Development Process

Matt collaborated with Becky Matthews, a talented UI/UX graphics designer, to create the visual identity of Audio Force. Becky designed the logo, buttons, and overall graphical elements, establishing a cohesive and engaging aesthetic for the brand.
Once the design elements were finalised, I, as the developer, began building the website around Becky’s colour scheme, logos, and icons. The website was meticulously crafted to ensure a user-friendly interface that not only showcased Matt’s music but also provided a seamless streaming experience for listeners. Key features included:

  • Dynamic Music Streaming: Implementing technology to ensure uninterrupted music playback and high-quality audio streaming.
  • Multi-DJ Support: Developing a backend system where multiple DJs could log in and manage their playlists and messages through personalised dashboards.
  • Message Management: Integration of a messaging system within the dashboard, allowing DJs to interact with listeners in real-time.

Audio Force Mobile Application

Following the successful launch of the website, the next phase of the project involved developing the Audio Force mobile application. The app was designed to extend the reach of Audio Force, providing listeners with a convenient way to tune in to their favourite DJs and enjoy continuous music streaming on their mobile devices.

Audio Force Radio Mobile App


The collaboration between Matt, Becky Matthews, and myself resulted in the successful launch of Audio Force, an innovative online streaming radio station. By leveraging Becky’s design expertise and my development skills, we created a platform that not only met Matt’s vision but also exceeded the expectations of his audience. Audio Force Radio continues to thrive, offering a seamless streaming experience and engaging content to music enthusiasts worldwide.

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