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Kite Outsourcing – Divi Page Builder

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Claire, a human resources specialist, was preparing to launch her business Kite Outsourcing. Claires website was built by a previous web agency, which provided the initial design but offered no support or training on how to update it. As a result, Claire was left struggling to update her website and learn how to use the Divi Page Builder on her own.

Claire approached me for comprehensive guidance and assistance with various issues she was encountering on her website, particularly those related to the Divi Page Builder. She needed help setting up her newsletter through MailerLite, ensuring it integrated seamlessly with her website. In addition to this, Claire faced problems with some of the content and images not displaying responsively on different devices. This was affecting the user experience, especially on mobile and tablet views.

Learning Divi

As I explained to Claire, I had used an earlier version of the Divi Page Builder and found it to be overly complicated. However, I offered to take a look at her website to diagnose and resolve the issues she was facing. This also provided me with an opportunity to gain more experience with the Divi Page Builder on WordPress.

I began by analysing the existing setup and identifying the root causes of these issues. Through careful debugging and adjustments in the Divi Page Builder, I was able to resolve the responsiveness problems, ensuring that all content and images displayed correctly across all devices. By optimising the website’s design and functionality, I helped Claire achieve a professional and user-friendly online presence.

Moreover, I provided step-by-step guidance on setting up and managing her newsletter through MailerLite. This included creating signup forms, designing email templates, and configuring automation workflows to engage her audience effectively. Through this holistic approach, Claire gained the confidence and skills needed to manage her website and communication tools independently.

Divi Tech Guru

Claire is now able to easily update and maintain her website, thanks to the comprehensive support and training she received. She feels confident in managing her site and knows that she can reach out to me anytime she encounters any challenges or needs further assistance.

Bridget Sarah

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