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Mobile Apps

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What kind of Mobile Apps do you build?

  • CRM Apps

  • E-Commerce Apps

  • Health Apps

  • Member Apps

  • Radio Apps

  • Project Apps

  • Subscription Apps

  • Social Media Apps

Do you build other apps?

  • Alexa Apps:
    Having an app on Alexa helps your customer to interact and engage more with your business, while being handsfree.

  • Bot Apps:
    Apps like Zapier, Make can be built for custom app integrations that can work between two different platforms. e.g accepting WhatsApp and SMS into Discord – that was fun to build.

  • TV Apps:
    This is in the pipeline to develop mobile apps aimed at the Google & Roku Platform.

What apps are currently being built?

App development often is tied around my own schedule of website wor

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Latest App Development

Audio Force Radio Mobile App in Flutter

Available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Audio Force Radio promises to redefine your listening experience with its cutting-edge Flutter mobile application. Plus, tune in effortlessly with Alexa!


Audio Force - Download on the Apple App Store
Listen to Audio Force Radio on Mixcloud
Get it on Google Play App Store

Mobile App FAQs

Do you support Android or iOS?

Mobile Apps built with Flutter are deployed on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices including phones and tablets.

How long does it take?

on Average about 3 months for the mobile app to be developed, fully tested and deployed live into the app stores.

Why should I build a mobile app?

Having an app for your business is like having a digital storefront that’s open 24/7. With an app, you can build stronger relationships, showcase your brand, and make it easy for people to interact with your business whenever they want. Plus, it helps streamline things on your end, making processes smoother and more efficient. It’s like bringing the best of your business directly to your customers’ fingertips.

Will my mobile app be secure?

Mobile Applications are setup with secure private repositories which means they are safe in the cloud.

What are core features?

Core features define the functionality of the application, e.g a radio app has a play button and this is a standalone core feature, without a play button, no one can tune into the app.

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