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Service Fees Policy

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 02/03/2024


For any work that is carried out in Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development and SEO. All services are charged at £30 per hour, so if it takes me 2 hours to update your website, you will be invoiced for £60. If it’s large project, depending on the nature of the work, the invoice may be lower.


All invoices must be paid instantly, if the invoice is not paid, no work will begin on your project.

If the invoice is a large amount, you will be given a payment plan to make the payments on time by a certain date. If the payment is late, you will be an additional charge of 25% of the total invoice for the invoice being paid late.

If you have been invoiced and it is over 30 days and you have not paid, you will be notified that I will be seeking legal action for the invoice to be paid.


Due to the work being bespoke, no refunds are offered.

Bridget Sarah

Full Stack Developer with a focus on Frontend Development for websites, proficient in Mobile Development using Flutter, and adept at leveraging backend technologies like Next.js and Django, Docker