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You might be wondering why I’ve been recommended despite the lack of reviews. Not to worry! Previously, I traded under the names ‘Studio Lyntree’ or ‘Lyntree’, and the reviews are still available on those profiles.

Feel free to drop a review on Google if you’ve had a positive experience. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Kite Outsourcing Review

Claire – Kite Outsourcing

“Bridget is simply amazing! She has such great tech knowledge, is super-efficient and a pleasure to work with. Highly, highly recommend Bridget to anyone with tech issues'” – Google Business Profile…
The Strategy Writer Review

Craig McCart – Strategy Writer

Bridget is a web designer you want in your corner, period. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her on multiple projects, and let me tell you, her design skills are top-notch…” – Linked In…

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