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5 Best Plugins to use for WordPress

5 best plugins to use for wordpress, neve, post duplicator, forminator

5 Best Plugins to use for WordPress

Neve WordPress Theme / Plugin

Neve is a fantastic WordPress theme that you can download for free. However, to unlock additional features and customization options, you might want to consider investing in the pro version, which requires a yearly Neve license. One of Neve’s standout features is its minimalistic design. Unlike other themes that come bloated with unnecessary code and elements, Neve is lightweight and fast, ensuring your website performs optimally.

While it may seem simple at first glance, this simplicity is its strength. Neve offers a clean slate for you to play around with and customize to suit your needs. Its straightforward nature allows for greater flexibility and control over your site’s appearance and functionality, making it a favorite among those who prefer efficiency and speed.

Gutentor Page Builder

Gutentor is, in my opinion, the most underrated page builder plugin available. It allows you to build a fully functional website within a day. One of the most remarkable features of Gutentor is its block design system. Once you’ve designed a block, you can save and reuse it across different pages, saving a significant amount of time.

I often advise clients to think of their website in sections or blocks, which makes it much easier to manage and update. Gutentor excels in this area, offering a modular approach to web design. Additionally, it lets you disable features you don’t need, which can improve your site’s performance. This level of customization is something you don’t often find in other page builders, making Gutentor a valuable tool for efficient and streamlined website creation.

Duplicator Post / Page

If you’re looking to duplicate the layout of a specific page or post, the Duplicator plugin is a useful tool. It allows you to clone your existing content quickly. However, if you’re using Gutentor, be aware that sometimes the duplicated content might not retain certain styles or colours, depending on the plugins involved. Despite this minor inconvenience, Duplicator is still a handy plugin for saving time and maintaining consistency across your website. When you’e finished using this plugin, ensure to remove it after you are finished, so it will save again more space on your website.

WP Email Debug – WordPress Plugin

WP Email Debug is a free and handy plugin for troubleshooting email issues on your WordPress site, particularly when setting up SMTP. The main version hides extra details, but it still provides enough information to verify if your website is correctly processing and sending emails. This can be particularly useful for diagnosing and fixing email-related problems, ensuring your communication channels remain open and reliable.


Forminator is a user-friendly form builder plugin that you can easily integrate into your website. It allows you to create various forms, including contact forms and payment forms via Stripe. Forminator is free and offers extensive customization options, including fonts and colors, to match your website’s aesthetic. I use Forminator on all my clients’ websites because of its versatility and ease of use.

One particularly cool feature is the Honey Pot, which helps prevent spam submissions, keeping your website clean and secure. Whether you’re setting up a membership form or a simple contact form, Forminator provides a seamless and efficient solution.

In conclusion, these WordPress themes and plugins offer a range of features that can greatly enhance your website’s functionality and performance. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist theme like Neve, a versatile page builder like Gutentor, or essential plugins like Duplicator, WP Email Debug, and Forminator, these tools provide valuable solutions for creating and managing a successful website.

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